Allstate Alerts

I acknowledge that I am the owner of the mobile phone number entered and that it is accurate. I agree to receive text alerts from Allstate Claims. I understand that by opting in I will receive text communications on any and all claims associated with the phone number provided. These text alerts will provide updates on my claim throughout the claims process. I understand that before I can start receiving text alerts I will receive an opt in confirmation text message which will require my acknowledgment of "Yes" in order to complete the opt in process.

I understand that I can opt out of receiving text alerts from Allstate Claims at any time by logging into Claim Status via My Account or by texting a reply of STOP to any text message. Once a reply of STOP is received, I agree to receive one final text message confirming my opt out. Text message frequency will vary by claim. Message and data rates may apply. For HELP please contact 1-800-Allstate. If you cancel or switch mobile service providers within the duration of your claim, you will be required to re-register in order to receive text alerts.